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Supporting throughout the year

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The challenge

Supporting a small in-house marketing team to take global strides in business-to-business communications.


Whatever it is, The Bite Project are there to help. And it could be anything from bespoke design, to technical knowhow, event management to virtual project delivery. Acoem needed a trusted partner to help with a whole range of marketing tactics.



Acoem is in the environmental monitoring systems business globally, but their Australian marketing team is small.

Enter The Bite Project. Willing and able to help with anything marketing and communications related, no matter how small.



We pride ourselves on being a down-to-earth, no fuss, behind-the-scenes project team. So, we dive into any task that is required with the sole intent of making the in-house marketing team at Acoem Australia shine.  


  • Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand webinar – done

  • Various event sponsorship materials – done

  • Email signature banners – done

  • Brochure creative direction – done

  • Flyers, ad banners, digital artwork, press materials – done

  • Global partner conference - done


The result?
A truly collaborative relationship between agency and client built on honesty, thoughtfulness and ultimately… a job well done.


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