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Alfa Romeo
Glamour on the Grid

environmental design  |  brand activation  |  sponsorship/hospitality activation

The challenge

Design a display for the new Alfa Romeo Tonale...that will steal the show at one of the year’s most glamorous events...AND result in organic social media reach. Do it in a very tight timeframe with limited set up and pack down times, and strict security protocols for the Australian Grand Prix.


A vehicle display for the Alfa Romeo Tonale at the Australian Grand Prix’s Glamour on the Grid event that celebrity guests will want to photograph.



To raise awareness of the new Tonale and affiliate it with the luxury fashion of the Glamour on the Grid event, and the speed and precision of the Grand Prix. We designed the display to express the style of their partnership with fashion designers J’Aton and create a photo moment not to be missed with the new Tonale front and centre.


We designed a light-based installation that represented speed and glamour and made a perfect selfie backdrop. We created space for the Tonale to be the star of the show; desirable, racy, red and Italian. The display was simple to construct and pack down due to its clever design that took into account materials, build methods and installation limitations.


The result?

The display worked in partnership with the PR at the event to create a buzz around the vehicle and result in organic social and main stream media content.

Click here to read Vogue's coverage of the activation.

"First project in the bag, thanks team. Amazing work in a very, very tight timeline."


Symon van Haalen

Senior Manager, Brand Marketing (Jeep, Alfa Romeo & Fiat)


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