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Celebrating their people through immersive experiences and intrigue

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The challenge

Engage almost 900 team members in a day of team activities and celebration.


A day of celebration, games, feasting, and activities hosted across 6 floors at their offices in Melbourne including a full day of F&B and prize draws. Team members come in for the day but are not expected to work.


The client's objective was to reward their hard-working crew. The special day had to embody the importance they place on their team members as key to their business.



We developed a ‘Secret Agent’ theme and custom-designed every element of the event to appeal to their love of solving problems. We created 10 bespoke activities that had team members cracking secret codes and riddles, uncovering a double agent, sneaking through a laser challenge, matching fingerprints, braving an interrogation, deciphering invisible messages, and unlocking secret briefcases. A photo booth, dress up disguises, bottomless catering and a unique series of prize draws were also provided, all marked on a map so the crew could discover all on offer.


For the less active team members, we set up a movie room complete with popcorn and choc tops showing everything from James Bond to Inspector Gadget to Mission Impossible to Get Smart. We finished the day with a bespoke bar experience - we served custom cocktails and brought a band playing spy classics to provide a crescendo to the day.


The result?

Excited and inspired team members (crew) who engaged enthusiastically with all aspects of the day.

"Feedback from staff on the day and in the days that followed was extremely positive. The team at Bite exceeded expectations in delivery of this event, it was great to have them on board."


Megan Isles

Brand Experience Manager

“This is absolutely a level up from previous years… incredible!”


Team member


"Just well-done team! It was a brilliant day, organized to perfection, and made me proud to work for [Financial Services Client]."


Team member


"Awesome work team - I thoroughly enjoyed the day! The whole theme was so well thought out and brought to life. Looking forward to next year!"


Team member


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