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Live to virtual in 4 weeks

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The challenge

Ipsen’s people were looking forward to getting together to reconnect. Originally tasked with producing Ipsen’s first live conference in 2 years, a timely decision was made to change to a virtual delivery. We needed to produce an online event that fostered connections and had an optimistic tone despite the setback of no longer being able to meet face to face… and we needed to adapt it fast!


A virtual event where Ipsen’s people could truly reconnect. Four days of bespoke content - a mix of all-of-company sessions, brand planning, team breakouts and team building.



Ipsen value their people. They wanted to connect them as a team and connect them more closely to the business. This event provided opportunities for them to engage around key priorities, collaborate on the future of the business, and learn more about and hear from, their leadership team.



We created a theme bringing to life the power of connecting with a custom branded virtual platform (delivered in 2 weeks).  We sent everyone a box packed with goodies/produce from the Mornington Peninsula to support the small local businesses we were no longer attending.


Then we packed the event with emotive videos filmed using their own people, a clever use of their own leadership team to steer the ship (ask us how), a game show, a trip around the world and even podcasts designed to get their people out of their home offices and walking. All seamlessly stitched together with key content filmed in a TV studio to provide a professional virtual environment.


The result?
Overwhelming feedback that the event helped Ipsen’s people feel more to connected to:

  • Each other

  • The leadership team

  • Ipsen’s long term vision and pipeline

  • Ipsen’s ANZ 4 priorities for 2022

  • Local brand/product objectives for 2022

"Working with The Bite Project ensured that our face to face conference seamlessly transitioned to virtual with four weeks’ notice. Their ability to pivot and continue the momentum ensured our team delivered required content in an invigorating way and were left engaged.


Thank you Marcus, Row & Steph! You proactively saw our problems and provided viable solutions at every turn ensuring consistent delivery across multiple platforms. Your attention to detail is second to none."


Nerhys Dineen

EA to Peter Koetsier - Head of Asia Pacific (ex China) and General Manager ANZ


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