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Celebrating a milestone

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The challenge

Hero the people of Metricon. Recognise 2 years of unprecedented dedication and hard work. Make them feel valued and appreciated. Celebrate 45yrs in business…without being able to gather face-to-face.


A campaign celebrating 45yrs of Metricon including a suite of communications; videos, emails, social posts. The campaign was created using employee submitted content and special messages shot in studio from the company directors. 


Metricon have had two very big years. Alongside record numbers of homes being built were skyrocketing material costs, labour capacity limits, and supply chain challenges. Navigating lockdown after lockdown made work life tough and the energy to celebrate a milestone birthday amidst all this… difficult to muster.



We built on the insight that the people of Metricon are at the heart of the business, and that during these challenging times, the directors of the business want to reach out and connect with them in a meaningful way.


So, we developed our campaign around appreciating and recognising the people by creating content that connected them to each other and the directors. A campaign that thanked them personally for their hard work and celebrated their contribution to the 45yr milestone.


The result?
An upbeat comms series that clearly hit the mark. Metricon people sent a flurry of thank you messages back to the directors, positive feedback received by the whole communications team, and a happy and engaged workforce to carry us into Christmas.


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