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Connecting a global leadership team

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The challenge

Toll Group’s inaugural virtual conference to engage Toll leaders from across the globe, and to inspire and excite them about the next chapter of Toll.


A fun, strategic and insightful leadership engagement event that will result in tangible action across the Toll Leadership Group. Three days of content delivered from two studios to over 220 attendees from 21 countries.



Toll Group needed to get their leadership team together to learn, inform and collaborate with each other to build the next chapter of Toll Group. With leaders across the globe a virtual event was the only way forward in a 2021 environment. Toll Group had never had a virtual conference before and there was some scepticism about its effectiveness compared to live engagements. A lot of emphasis was therefore put on developing something truly exceptional.



Virtual conferences require very specific technical and engagement experience to be successful. Just like a live conference, the aim is to connect and inspire but with the roadblock of zoom fatigue and fading enthusiasm for working remotely.


To excite our audience and jump these roadblocks we created bespoke speaker, video and workshop content using a suite of real and virtual engagement tools. We presented live from studios in Australia and Singapore, delivering Toll’s leadership conference globally via a fully customised virtual event platform featuring two-way, active participation including: chat feeds, live polling, Q&A, leaderboard style gamification, resources library and embedded breakout sessions.


We supported the internal Toll Group team every step of the way to produce a truly successful event that surpassed expectations and surprised the audience with a truly powerful level of engagement.


The result?

"The feedback has been off the charts in positivity!....

I can only imagine the extraordinary effort that you

and your team put in behind the scenes to ensure

everything went so smoothly."


Zed Ivankovic

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Toll Group


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